When you check the table game section of a casino site, one of the games you will likely see there is blackjack. Blackjack is among the oldest table games that many players enjoy playing. This guide will explain how the game is played. Visit ancientbohol for casino game reviews.

Blackjack Basic Rules

Blackjack is a casino game that is played between players and the house (dealer). It is a game played with the standard 52-deck cards. While some versions are played with only one deck of cards there are others played with several numbers of cards.

The primary goal of any blackjack game is simply to win the house (or dealer). For you to win in the game, all the cards in your current hand must have a total value which is more than the cards on the dealer's hand, but without passing 21.

How to Place Bets in Blackjack

Placing bets in blackjack is simple. As a table game, you can wager bets with chips by simply placing it on the table. In a physical blackjack game, you may need to visit the casino cashier to exchange your money for coins, but playing online doesn't require that.

When you play online, the chips are automatically provided based on your bankroll. There is usually a betting limit on each blackjack table and this is specified on the screen of the game. You bet will not be accepted if it goes below the limit or above it.


The Game Round

After you've placed your bets on the table, the dealer will then proceed to start dealer cards to the players. Two cards will be dealt face up to the players while one of the dealer's two cards will be a hole card (dealt face down).

Once the cards have been successfully dealt, the players will then have a series of options which they can choose from to determine how they want to proceed in the game. We will explain in detail these different player options in the next section.

Understand the Player Options - Hit and Stand

Hit is one of the player actions that you can take in a blackjack game. This action allows you to get one more card from the dealer and add it to your current hand in a bid to get close to 21 and beat the dealer's hands.

Stand option is a player action used to let the dealer know that you are not interested in receiving any additional card. The best time to use the option is when you perceive that an additional card may cause your hand to exceed 21 and make you lose the game.

Other Player Actions - Double Down and Split

When you use the double down action in blackjack, what you are simply doing is to increase your stake by 2. The option lets you double your initial wager so that you can get a chance to win more if you think your current hand is the best hand.

Split option applies to only when have pairs as initial cards. When you use the option, your pair cards will be split into two different hands so that you can have a better winning chance. However, note that split will instantly double your initial wager.