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Oxygen’s Snapped: Who Is Kristie Evans & What Did She Do?

In 2022, the court sentenced Kristie Evans to life imprisonment for her involvement in the murder of her husband. Currently 49, she will be eligible for parole in the 80s. Kristie was married to a 50-year-old pastor named David Evans. Everybody in the community loved and respected David. Hours before his death, he had returned from Mexico. Furthermore, he even preached at Harmony Church in Ada before his passing.

According to The Oklahoman, David was not what people thought he was. He led a double life and collected porn. Furthermore, he made his wife participate in threesomes with men from Oklahoma City, Norman, and Moore. Evans finally had it and begged her lover, Kahlil Square, to help her end her marriage. At the time, he was 27 years old.

Kristie devised a plan and provided Kahlil with the murder weapon and bullets. Furthermore, she allowed Kahlil to enter her home. The murderer entered through the backdoor and shot the pastor in his sleep. After executing the plan, Kahlil fled. However, David Evans was bleeding profusely from his forehead. He gradually passed away but in her testament, Kristie stated that she held her bleeding husband’s hand and apologised.

The case against Kristie Evans will be discussed in detail in the upcoming episode of Oxygen’s Snapped. The episode is titled Kristie Evans and it will air on Sunday, December 31, 2023, at 6 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

The synopsis of Kristie Evans reads, “A beloved pastor is fatally shot in his sleep by a mysterious intruder. Investigators uncover a scandalous lifestyle and sordid family secrets that sends shock waves through a small Oklahoma community.”

Why did Kristie Evans kill her husband?

Kristie Evans’s attorney, Joi Miskel, said that her client had been a victim of domestic abuse throughout her married life. She also added that David used her wife as a sexual slave.

Miskel said, “And you have to understand that she has suffered for years and years this horrific abuse. You don’t just shake that off in a matter of days, months, weeks or even years. And you have to think she still has had no kind of counseling, any kind of therapy, to work through these issues of decades of abuse.”

In her court testimony, Kristie said, “I was desperate. I wanted to be free from that. I knew of no other way.”

According to an affidavit The Daily Beast received, David constantly called her words like slut, fat, ugly, and whore. The affidavit said, “Kristie gave David’s gun and a box of bullets to Kahlil. Kristie and Kahlil agreed upon an approximate time Kahlil would come to the Evans’ residence to kill David. Kristie left the backdoor unlocked so Kahlil could make entry to the residence.”

According to Law & Crime, the couple’s daughter, Brittney Long, said that her father was abusive to her and her siblings. He would slam the siblings’ heads against each other, pick them up by the hair, force them to clean all night long, etc.

Brittney Long said, “My mom spent three decades of her life caged and controlled. She has told me more than once that she still prefers her life now to the life she had been living since 1991. I believe her.”

As for Kahlil Square, the court charged him with first-degree murder. However, the murder weapon has not been recovered. Kahlil and Kristie met in January 2021.

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