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Marry My Husband Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers: What Is Park Min-Young’s Revenge Plan?

Episode 1 of Marry My Husband, the highly awaited revenge K-drama, debuted on tvN and Prime Video on Monday, January 1, 2024. The new series stars popular South Korean actress Park Min-Young as the central character, Kang Ji-Won. Furthermore, the series revolves around Ji-Won’s fascinating story. In this K-drama, Ji-Won’s husband kills her after she learns about the affair between her husband and her best friend.

Her fate takes a different turn when she travels back in time to take revenge on her husband and best friend. Marry My Husband episode 1 is quite interesting to watch as the episode dives straight into the main plot, giving viewers a thrilling and engaging experience. Without further ado, let’s learn what happens in the first episode of the K-drama.

Marry My Husband Episode 1: What plan does Park Min-Young make to take revenge?

The first episode of Marry My Husband begins with Park Min-Young’s Kang Ji-Won sitting on a hospital bed. She is suffering from the last stage of her cancer. Soon, her best friend, Jung Soo-Min (Song Ha-Yoon), visits her in the hospital and encourages her to stay strong. Ji-Won goes on to reveal to her that her husband has been cheating on her. Later, Kang Ji-Won starts to think about her disturbing married life with her husband, Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi-Kyung).

He has no regard for her and her dreams. He, along with his mother, treats Ji-Won quite badly and curses her for not being able to give birth to a child. She is always humiliated by him and her mother-in-law. Even when they learn about Ji-Won’s cancer, they make her do all the office and domestic work while Park Min-Hwan quits his job to invest in the stock market. It is quite evident that Ji-Won has a pretty unsafe and unhealthy life with her husband and in-laws.

The episode then shows the hospital telling Ji-Won that her guardian needs to pay the bills to continue her treatment. Ji-Won then tries to call her husband, but he does not receive the call. So, she decides to go to her house in a taxi to confront him about the hospital bill. When she gets off the taxi, the driver tells her that she will have a great life ahead.

Marry My Husband Episode 1: The shocking revelation

However, when Ji-Won enters her home, she witnesses something horrible. Her husband is cheating on her with her best friend, Jung Soo-Min. They are also discussing the insurance money they will receive after Ji-Won’s death. She gets furious and confronts the two. She then threatens her husband that she will reveal everything to the authorities so that he does not get the insurance money.

Thereafter, Park Min-Hwan gets flustered and in a fit of rage, pushes Ji-Won onto a glass table. She gets heavily injured and succumbs to her unfortunate demise. However, right after her death, she wakes up in 2013, 10 years before her death. She is in the office where her husband, who is her boyfriend at that time, also works.

Seeing him and also her best friend at the office, she completely loses her composure and soon runs away. During the entire chaos, one person is helping her throughout, and this is her boss, Yoo Ji-Hyeok (Na In-Woo). After reaching home, Ji-Won realizes that she has traveled back in time. She also realizes that the taxi driver from before was none other than her father, who seems to have helped her somehow.

Now, Ji-Won knows what will happen in the future. She knows that she will get betrayed by her husband and best friend. She also notices that whatever is supposed to happen in the future will happen no matter what. But she can change her fate by making someone else take over her destiny. Thus, she plans to take revenge for her death by manipulating her best friend, Jung Soo-Min, to seize her destiny by making her marry her husband, Park Min-Hwan. Marry My Husband episode 1 ends here.

Watch episode 1 of Marry My Husband on Prime Video.

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