Rebel Moon Interview: Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, & E. Duffy Talk Camaraderie
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Rebel Moon Interview: Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, & E. Duffy Talk Camaraderie

ComingSoon Senior Editor Spencer Legacy spoke with Rebel Moon stars Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, and E. Duffy about Zack Snyder’s latest movie. The trio spoke about working with Snyder and performing stunt work. Rebel Moon – Part One is now streaming on Netflix.

“A peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the armies of a tyrannical regent named Balisarius,” reads the film’s synopsis. “The desperate civilians dispatch Kora, a young woman who has a mysterious past, to seek out warriors from nearby planets to help them challenge the regent.”

Spencer Legacy: Ray, I read that you did a lot of your own stunts in the movie despite not having a ton of experience with the combat-heavy stunt work. What did you find most rewarding about getting in there and being so involved?

Ray Fisher: I think the most rewarding thing is getting it right. [Laughs]. I have a profound respect for the stunt crew and stunt coordinators and all things stunts. It takes a lot of discipline, and it takes a lot of coordination. I’ve got discipline, for sure, but the coordination I was a bit lacking. So, I appreciated their patience in helping to guide me through the process.

Cleopatra, what’s interesting about the Bloodaxe siblings is they’re very close, but they come to different conclusions in Part One. Your character seems less likely to make a decision based on emotions. Could you speak to that leadership element that you portray?

Cleopatra Coleman: Absolutely, yeah. Devra is someone who … she thinks with her head. [Laughs].

Ray Fisher: Not the heart. [Laughs].

Cleopatra Coleman: She leads with her head. She’s cerebral and she’s strategic, and her brother more leads from the heart. And that balance and that leadership … we fulfill each other’s … it’s the yang and the yang, I suppose. Devra’s a survivor, and she’s someone who is willing to make sacrifices. Even if she feels an emotional pull, she’s going to do what’s right in terms of strategy, always.

E, your character is shown as being very deeply loyal and believes in the rebel cause. Can you speak to portraying a character that’s really motivated by betterment and the courage that comes from that?

E. Duffy: Yeah, it was such an honor to play Milius for that reason. I think the script really gave me an opportunity to dig down deep and ask what that means for me, you know? To be part of the Bloodaxe revolution and look up to Cleo and Ray as I do all that was very, very transferrable for me. [Laughs].

Ray, Zack Snyder’s really championed you as an actor and been in your corner. What did it mean to get to work with him again?

Ray Fisher: Oh, it was great. It’s coming home. It’s a full circle thing, and to be able to help him launch his baby — this new IP — into the world is a huge honor for me.

Cleopatra, what stood out about working with Ray as a scene partner?

Ray Fisher: Tell him how great we worked together! [Laughs].

Cleopatra Coleman: We worked great together. [Laughs]. No, we did. I mean, the rapport we have now is the rapport we had from the jump, right? I think we had coffee just to nerd out and talk about our favorite Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and all that stuff. That was really great and really easy. It was really cool for me, having someone like Ray. He’s worked with Zack, he’s done these kinds of movies before, and was really supportive. We’ve all been friends throughout the whole process, but it was so easy to create our sibling dynamic. Really easy.

E, there’s such a great ensemble assembled by the end. What did you like most about that group dynamic?

E. Duffy: I think the best thing about that group dynamic is that everyone has a really good sense of humor. [Laughs]. We all come at it from a little bit of a different place because we all have very different backgrounds in the movie, but also in real life, too. So it was very fun to just hang out and play off each other.

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