Love Song for Illusion
Hong Ye-Ji, Park Ji-Hoon (Photo Credit: KBS)

Love Song for Illusion: Everything To Know About New KBS K-Drama

Love Song for Illusion is a new K-drama on KBS set to premiere in the first week of 2024. Starring Park Ji-Hoon and Hong Ye-Ji in lead roles, it is a period romance drama of two twisted personalities.

The storyline revolves around Crown Prince Sajo Hyun, who has an alter personality named Ak-Hee. Due to a childhood trauma, he creates a second personality that is carefree and professionally independent. He meets Yeon Woo, a successor from a noble family who becomes an assassin after the execution of her loved ones. She seeks revenge from the royal clan, but things don’t go as planned.

Watch the Love Song for Illusion trailer here:

Love Song for Illusion cast & plot

Love Song for Illusion is an upcoming K-drama starring Park Ji-Hoon in dual roles. He plays Crown Prince Sajo Hyun. He suffers from childhood trauma due to his oppressive father. At the palace, he feels suffocated.

Hence, Sajo Hyun’s psyche creates an altered personality Ak-Hee. He is fun and works as a fashion designer in a downtown store where nobody knows his true identity. The conflicting personalities reside in one body and fall in love with the same woman, adding a twisted love triangle to the storyline.

Hong Ye-Ji essays the role of Yeon Wol, the descendant of the Yeon family. She is revenge-motivated after the King executes her father for committing treason. She becomes an assassin and changes her name to Gye-Ra. When she sneaks into the palace to seek revenge, she falls into a trap and loses her memory. Yeon Wol becomes Sajo Hyun’s concubine.

She soon falls in love with the Crown Prince, but things get complicated as Ak-Hee also likes her. Meanwhile, the lead characters face one more nemesis — Geum Hwa (Ji Woo), the Crown Prince’s wife. She entered into a loveless marriage with an ambition to become the queen. Ji Jeon-Seo (Han Eun-Sung) is Geum Hwa’s personal bodyguard who can do anything to fulfill her wishes.

The Love Song for Illusion synopsis reads, “A fantasy historical drama romance that crosses between a man with two opposite personalities and a woman who loves him, fresh love and fierce obsession.”

Aside from the cast above, the K-drama also stars Hwang Hee, Kim Tae-Woo, Woo Hee-Jin, Kang Shin-Il, Hwang Suk-Jung, and Woo Hyeon.

Love Song for Illusion release date and time

Love Song for Illusion K-drama will premiere on Monday, January 2, 2024, at 10.10 p.m. KST on KBS2. It will also steam on Viki.

The romance drama will air twice a week — Mondays and Tuesdays. It took the slot of Rowoon and Cho Yi-Hyun’s The Matchmakers, which ended this week.

Park Ji-Hoon will play dual roles as two personalities in the series. Speaking about the same in a press conference, he said, “I think it would be a lie to say that it wasn’t difficult emotionally or mentally. It was difficult, but I worked hard not to show that difficulty on set.”

Hong Ye-Ji further shared her experience working with the lead actor. She stated, “I felt it from the first time we met, but I really liked the energy coming from his eyes. I felt a sense of synergy and didn’t feel any difficulties.”

The trailers and photos of Love Song for Illusion tease a great chemistry between the lead characters. Tune in to KBS2 next Monday to watch the premiere of Love Song For Illusion. The K-drama will also be available on Viki.

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